HOW-TO make photo albums and upload photos to your albums on

Take a Look Around --

First, point your browser to and take a look.

You will see that there is an album for each person / family. Click on the photo of Terry and Mary Alice and you'll see their current albums. There is one PHOTO used as the "Cover Photo", and 2 or more active ALBUMS.

Click on the "2007 Calendar Images" album to see it's contents. Notice that at the top of the screen you will see a line of text that shows where you are. Like this:

Albums:>> Terry and Mary Alice >> 2007 Calendar Images

All the albums in the Gallery are arranged like the Folders and Subfolders on your computer.
Each family's main album can have many other albums inside it. Those albums can have either a group of photos OR other albums. More about this later.

Click on "Albums:" on that top text line to jump back to the main GAllery page.

Look at "Your" Main Album --

Click on YOUR album's photo. To start with you'll see two things:

  1. - The PHOTO used for the "cover". You can change it later if you have another you'd prefer! These are just what I could find quickly. It would be ideal to maybe have a nice "Family" shot here. We're all sich 'Nice' families :-)
  2. - A blank album on the right.

Notice that on the LEFT side there are just a few things: A Slideshow option and a list of the other albums so you can 'jump' to them. But more options will show up when you LOG IN:

Log In and try changing the 'blank' album --

Try out UPLOADING a couple of photos (Make sure you're Logged In )

Now click your name in that top line. You should see both the original "Cover Photo" and the "previously-blank" album with it new title and a photo.

Try out your new album

The updated album probably has the first photo you uploaded as it's "Cover Photo".

The Cover Photo for an album can be any photo in that album or any photo in new Albums INSIDE that album.

Make a totally new album

Make sure you have clicked your name on the top line.

  1. Name (Enter "test2" or some other simple one-word name for the disk filename)
  2. Title (Enter "Test Album 2" or some other title.)

NOTE: You can (and probably will delete these albums later when you get going "For Real".

Take A Break !!!

Think about how to structure your albums, for the future --

First: It's possible to move albums around, so don't worry about it too much.



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